1. This event applies to all MAS8 members.
  2. This event starts on 00:00:00 (GMT+8) 1 APR 2023 until 31 DEC 2023 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  3. The winner is determined by counting the top of 10 turnover achieved by each member from 00:00:00 1st of the month until 23:59:59 on last day of the month (GMT+8).
  4. The leaderboard ranking will be updated on 12:00:00 (GMT+8) daily.
  5. Monthly winners will be informed via PM and updated in the leaderboard on the 3th of every month during the event ongoing.
  6. Any freebet amount won as a part of this event is subjected to 1 time turnover in any MAS8 products.
  7. If two members appear on the same rank on the leaderboard, the winnings of that rank will be equally split among them.
  8. Participants with multiple accounts registered in the same address and IP will be automatically disqualified in this event.
  9. MAS8 reserves the right to cancel this event at any time, either for all players or individual player.
  10. Subjected to terms of use of MAS8 Standard Event Terms and Conditions.